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Easy Drupal demos and module/patch tests with

Ever wanted to do a quick module or theme test without having to setup an entire drupal clean install locally?  Ever needed to setup a quick clean drupal core install just to show a couple of potential module functionalities for a colleague or brainstorming meeting?

If you need a super quick clean Drupal install ON THE FLY, is here to the rescue.

That site will let you specify which Drupal core version or distribution you want setup, which modules and themes, if any, you want to add to that clean install, and even which patches, if any, you want to apply.  Then it will - at the click of a button -

  • Create a brand new database to use for your testing
  • Install the Drupal core version or distribution with the additional modules, themes and patches you specified
  • Go through the installation options to link the new Drupal site to the temporary database
  • Create a default admin user account for you
  • Take you to the new site with the admin login already pre-entered
  • All you have to do is click the 'Log in' button and you're in your newly setup brand new Drupal site

Of course, this is just a temporary sandbox you can use to test out a module, a patch or for a demo/presentation, but it will be automatically destroyed after 30 minutes or 3 hours (depending on whether you're a registered site user or not).  So don't think the use case for this is long-term development - for that, you should definitely build your own localhost site!

Here is how to use

  1. Go to and start typing in 'drupal' for the project name to pull up the drupal core or drupal distribution you want installed for your temporary environment

  2. Next, select the version of the core or distribution if such an option pops up


  3. Expand the 'Advanced options' section if you would like to load additional modules, themes or patches to your Drupal core/distribution.  Then just start typing in the name of the module you're interested in and it will auto-match all available modules and bring up suggestions


  4. Keep pressing the 'Add an additional project' button if you want more modules or themes loaded in to your environment.  Then press 'Launch sandbox'.  In the example below, I have just added two modules


  5. The site will then take a little while to install everything, create and link the new drupal environment to your own temporary database, and will redirect you to your new unique link all ready to login as admin.  Just click on the Log in button - your login info will be filled in already:


  6. Ta da!  Start navigating the website.  Test that module, theme or patch!  Demo the new module combos or present at that conference!  Just remember, it's a temporary sandbox.

Further information can be found on the Q&A page.


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